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We Need You

      The youth of America are under attack like never before.  This assault is now beginning from the earliest years of childhood.  Elementary school kids are subjected to drag queens reading books during storytime.  Teens in junior high school are encouraged to explore various types of sexuality that can ultimately lead to negative lifelong consequences.  Administrators and teachers are advocating for bypassing parents in all these major decisions.  High school students are pummeled with atheistic teachings as they are indoctrinated with evolutionary theory.  Students at university are targeted by professors looking to fundamentally alter the collective conscience of future leaders and thinkers.  

      Whether we realize it or not, we are in the battle of a lifetime, with no holds barred.  At stake is nothing less than the survival of a nation, and the eternal destiny of our kids and grandchildren.  Few are willing to speak out against this deluge of moral relativity and spiritual insanity.  But, we here at AMPED, believe the cause we engage is righteous and the youth of America are worth every dollar we spend and mile we travel.

      In order to do this job, I NEED YOU!  Every dollar you invest in this outreach will be used entirely for the purpose of speaking to a generation whose questions have gone unanswered for far too long.  Please, consider financially contributing to AMPED on a regular basis.  We have a variety of giving options available for your convenience.

    Thank you in advance for partnering with us.  Together, we are going on the offensive in addressing the lies of postmodernism in our society.  We will see young adults embrace the Christian faith even in the face of public ridicule and prejudice.

Billy Anger

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