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Veritas Seminars

   The Veritas Seminars are for anyone wanting to delve into truth and investigate the Christian worldview in a more substantive way.  People who seriously desire to engage their faith intellectually will find these extended teachings an excellent venue for accomplishing that goal.  Students will be equipped to defend their faith effectively. Academic tools from history, philosophy, science, archaeology, art, and other categories are systematically covered during the classes. 

    The Barna Research group concluded that the extent of biblical illiteracy among American Christians is of “crisis proportions.”  While 33% of Americans are classified as born-again Christians, not merely nominal believers, only 20% of them utilize a biblical worldview as the basis for moral choices.  The consequences of this standard can only lead to a secular conclusion and an irreligious nation. 

Courses Available Through AMPED

The History and Reliability of the Bible

Jesus Christ: Fact or Fiction

Philosophical Arguments for God

Science and Archeology

The Fundamentals of Apologetics

The History and Philosophers of Christianity  

Upcoming Events

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