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    Nothing in life is more exciting than meeting people who are on the greatest journey of all - the search for truth.  For them it is more than an a momentary interest or temporary hobby - it is a lifetime passion. Race, gender, nationality, religion, etc., forms a person's identity and influences their worldview.  Yet, despite the many differences that exist due to individual backgrounds, millions are  seeking for understanding.  Our goal is to interact with those who fall into this category.

     A.M.P.E.D. with Billy Anger schedules opportunities in various parts of the country for the purpose of personal interaction with people who have embarked on this quest.  It is our goal to establish friendships, and subsequent dialogue, with all who desire these types of conversations.  Those opportunities are conducted on college campuses, high school clubs and local church congregations. 

     Please consider this page a personal invitation to visit with us when we come into your area.  Feel free to call the listed numbers for updated information any time.  

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