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Castrate Children, So Says Creepy Uncle Joe

Joseph Mengele will always be identified as the Angel of Death. This Nazi officer and physician is remembered for the series of medical experiments he conducted on human subjects, chiefly those taken prisoner during World War II. Developing the master Aryan race through eugenics required significant scientific experimentation, and the SS had no reservations about torturing their captives. Without anesthesia, Nazi doctors would perform bone, muscle and nerve transplants on their victims. Prisoners would be injected with a variety of bacteria, viruses and poisons. Others would be exposed to mustard gas and incendiary bomb testing. This was accomplished by burning the victims with phosphorus. Occupied Poland witnessed Nazi brigands strap an eleven-year-old boy to a chair to immobilize the child. A mechanized hammer above his head struck him every few seconds. The boy was driven insane and died from the excruciating beating. Female prisoners from cell block 10 in Auschwitz were subjected to electroshock therapy. Sterilization experiments were conducted at Auschwitz and Ravensbrück by Carl Clauberg. The research was intended to develop a technique of sterilization that would be effective for sterilizing millions of people with a minimum amount of time and effort. Within four years, 300,000 patients had been sterilized.

The holocaust ended over seventy years ago. Along with its conclusion came the ending of much human experimentation, including the mutilation of sexual organs. Now, some seven decades later, we are told a new enlightenment has awakened an otherwise oppressed society. This propaganda says it has provided the opportunity for “open-minded thinkers” to reconsider sexual experimentation. But, on whom is this testing to be done?

No group of people is more susceptible to such Frankenstein research like those in the transgender community. They are the perfect animal for vivo testing. They express their personal gender-identity crisis, all the while seeking allies to help validate their agenda. The transgender movement has found one such proponent – President Joseph Biden. The LGBTQ+ community has no better friend than POTUS. And, that is a tragedy. Creepy Uncle Joe isn’t satisfied with inappropriate touching in public. He now wants to aid children in gender reassignment. Plainly said, he is no friend – he is a ghoul.

You can change your mind, but you can’t change your biology. Ironically, transgenderism presupposes fixed genders. All people desiring to transition claim to know the difference, which would be imperative. But, how can a man ever truly know what it is like to be a woman? Men will never experience the discomfort of growing breasts during adolescence or the aggravation of a menstrual cycle. Women aren’t reaching for the shaving cream and razor to groom their face, nor must they exercise caution when cutting around their Adam’s apple. Mere observation is incomplete in making such a life-altering judgment. Yet, the current administration promises the full support of government agencies for those wishing to transition from one gender to the other.

Wanting something to be true does not necessarily make it so! Science teaches that a person is comprised of 100 trillion cells. This is uncontestable. What’s more, a person’s gender is not determined at birth, it is discovered at birth. If a conflict exists between a person’s mind and their body, that individual can change their mind, but they cannot change their biology. The person’s body is a description of their biology. Despite this reality, President Biden has advocated for children with gender dysmorphia to receive complete support for transitioning. Such a change requires doctors to prescribe cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers like Lupron. Interestingly enough, this drug was formerly administered to sex offenders for the purpose of chemical castration. Many of the current drugs used for puberty blockers are not even approved by the FDA. Even temporary use of these treatments has been associated with many serious permanent side-effects, including osteoporosis, seizures, mood disorders, cognitive impairment, sterility, heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, blood clots and certain types of cancers. Furthermore, accomplishing transitioning requires surgeries that dismember the human body. What the Nazi’s did during the holocaust has been described as war crimes. Health providers in America are now mutilating healthy bodies in the name of free expression.

USA Today published an op-ed February 11, 2019 written by Walt Heyner. Heyner was born a biological male, but suffered from significant anxiety and depression issues due to childhood abuse by his grandmother. He wrote, “Studies show that most people who want to live as the opposite sex have other psychological issues.” The abuse resulted in gender confusion, which ultimately led Heyner to seek counsel from a top gender specialist. The physician informed Heyner the childhood trauma was unrelated to his gender distress, and sexual reassignment was the only solution.

Following castration and cross-sex hormone therapy, Heyner began his life as a woman. Shortly following the initial euphoria of transition, Walt Heyner realized, “the reprieve I experienced through surgery was only temporary. Hidden underneath the makeup and female clothing was a little boy hurt by childhood trauma.” After eight years of living as a woman, Heyner decided to de-transition, but the physical disfigurement was permanent. He wrote in the op-ed, “hormones and surgery may alter appearances, but nothing changes the immutable fact of your sex.”

Today, Walt Heyner provides support for others who regret gender change. He states that his inbox is filled with messages from people who regret their decisions and want their life and body back. He states, “Had I not been misled by media stories of sex change ‘success’ and medical practitioners who said transitioning was the answer to my problems, I wouldn’t have suffered as I have. Genetics can’t be changed. Feelings, however, can and do change.”

The President of the United States is sworn to protect and defend the nation against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. According to the American College of Pediatricians, not one single long-term study demonstrating the safety of gender reassignment has been published. Youth transitioning is only experimental, making any informed decision by parents impossible. Yet, the President of the United States promotes the idea of forging ahead nonetheless. In other words, feel free to experiment on the children. God help us, and please forgive this nation for exploiting the most vulnerable among us.

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