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Christians Are Just Haters

A propaganda war was declared thirty years ago by those in the LGBTQ+ movement, which has been contested on various fronts.

The battle continues raging today with the rhetoric becoming increasingly incendiary. The chief target is Bible-believing Christians, who disagree fundamentally with such practices based on contrasting moral viewpoints. The goal of this movement is to portray Christianity as hypocritical and immoral for its supposed lack of tolerance. The LGBTQ+ leaders even documented their agenda in a publication entitled, "Overhauling Straight America." The campaign deliberately misrepresents Christ-followers' stance but has proved successful nonetheless. Life experience clearly shows that perception is frequently more powerful than reality, which is the situation in this instance.

Christians have been identified as phobic, intolerant, and uncaring. The idea that Christians are haters is among the more embraced arguments in this negative marketing crusade. They are given this label because they oppose certain gay "rights."

A rudimentary evaluation of this allegation reveals its obvious illogicality. While it is true that some people hate homosexuals because of their lifestyle choices, identifying Christians as those wholesale guilty of this moral crime is patently false. This is an unqualified act of intimidation designed to demonize anyone expressing a dissenting voice toward the LGBTQ+ movement.

The goal is to ostracize Christians rather than discuss the differences of opinion. The deliberate ridicule attempts to avoid genuine dialogue at any cost.

Disagreement is not hatred. If it were, homosexual activists would also be haters since they disagree with moral traditionalists. This truth, however, is not always convenient. Concentrated efforts are being made to alter traditional moral concepts in America, including removing heteronormative thinking. To accomplish this goal, improperly portraying Christians is crucial. Christianity must be represented as something it is not – an uneducated group of narrow-minded bigots imprisoned by their outdated moral standards. Unfortunately, this smear campaign is proving effective in the marketplace of ideas.

The goal of the LGBTQ+ community is not merely changing the minds of the general public but also silencing any opposition. This censorship includes the biblical worldview and those who subscribe to it. GLAAD is the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which in 2012, established its Commentator Accountability Project. The purpose of this movement was to pressure media outlets from allowing dissenting voices to appear on any broadcast forum. Social media mobs, cancel culture, and university campus policing are now a part of everyday American life. Freedom of expression is in crisis as Christian disagreement is described as hate speech. Shortly, governments will begin declaring more dialogue as hate speech, making it illegal. If the tide doesn't turn, the Christian community could face impending legal action for expressing biblical views publicly.

Christians do not hate homosexuals, adulterers, pornographers, transsexuals, or fornicators. Instead, followers of Christ believe those who commit such acts make immoral and ungodly decisions. Is it hateful for a teacher to tell a student that his/her answer is wrong? Of course not. In reality, refusing to tell someone the truth is what is truly hateful.

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